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Did Man Write The Bible?

Why read the Bible? Let me tell you.

I don't care what you believe--you can (and should) view the Bible as one of the most remarkable books on the planet.

In previous posts I discussed why it's believed the Bible was written & inspired by God. Respectfully, I completely understand why people wrestle with this idea.

Although, many people believe the Bible says some good stuff (love your neighbour as you love yourself.), most people believe it was simply written and composed by man. Zero God inspiration. However,

...once you know the facts around how the Bible was created, you start to see how reasonable it is to, at the very least, wonder if God didn't influence the entire process.

To explain why I say this, I want to share a quick story:

When I was in Grade 12, my english teacher gave our class a writing assignment. Our job was to collectively write a story--but there was a catch. We all took individual turns writing in the story. When it was your turn, you only got to read the last sentence of what was previously written. From what you read in that one sentence, you were responsible for continuing the story.

The whole class took a crack at this until we were finished. Then our teacher read aloud our masterpiece.

As I'm sure you can imagine, it was horrible.

It made NO sense. It didn't flow. It had no continuity, no structure, no storyline. This could be expected. You can't write a story like that! But here are some facts about what took place that day...

This "story" was written...

  • In 1 day

  • In a town of roughly 3000 people

  • A classroom of 24 kids

  • We used one language

  • We used the same alphabet