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Genesis 1:1 - "In The Beginning..." - Chapter 1.1

Today we start our journey through the Bible. Journeying through it as one seamless story.

Our story starts now...


Everybody knows, a great story captivates its audience right from the beginning.

Can the Bible?

The Biblical story begins with the words, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Whomp-Whomp. **Snoring Sounds**

Whether you've read the Bible or not, most people know this is how it begins. No surprise intro here, which means, we tend to overlook what's actually happening! We read these words with zero excitement or imagination.

We fail to realize that The Bible begins unlike any other story!

Before you read any book, you have a general idea of what the story's about. You have a context for what's inside. Bookstores are broken up into genres, so you know how to find a western, sci-fi, romance, mystery...whatever. Before you read the opening lines of most books, you have a framework for what you are getting into--but not the Bible.

The Bible begins with nothing.

The blankest canvas there's ever been.

No light. No Sound. No Plants. No Animals. Nothing. Just an Author. And into the darkness, where our story begins, this Author speaks, bringing life to everything. From mere words, in a display of raw power, life bursts forth!

The opening lines of this story make a bold claim. This isn't just the start of this story, this is the birth place of every story ever told.

Mountains take shape, like a bowl on a potters wheel. Waterfalls turn on, like a kitchen faucet. Planets and stars speckle the sky, like a paintbrush flicked against a canvas. Just like that, earth, life, and our story, is born.

Just use your imagination to envision the world around you taking shape through the love of a creator. It's easy to get lost in the creative wonder and power that would have been present in this moment.

The story in the Bible begins unlike any other, yet, as marvellous as it was, the greatest work was yet to arrive. Everything that was created would only be a stage for the greatest masterpiece of all. The piece-de-resistance of all God made would soon arrive. And we pick the story up there, next time.

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