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Pain. Suffering. The Garden. - Chapter 1.4

Pain and suffering in the Bible. Does pain and suffering disprove God?

The story in the Bible has brought us into a garden. The first two humans have been placed inside a garden named, Eden.

My whole life I imagined how beautiful this garden must have been. If scenes from Jurassic Park & Avatar could have a baby, thats how I pictured Eden.

Though I am sure that the garden was visually stunning in ever way, what makes the garden so spectacular, and the fact that mankind was placed inside it so important to the story is this...THE GARDEN WAS PERFECT.


I mean "perfect" as in, no pain, no suffering, no sickness, no war, no disease, no hunger, no death.

I'm sure everybody has a different vision for what a perfect world might look like, but I believe with full sincerity, that if we stop and think for a moment, this garden represents a place that each and every single one of us has longed for. All of us have an innate sense that we want to be there, no matter what you believe about the Bible's story.


To explain why I believe that, we need to talk about pain for a second.

Our physical pain communicates a truth. Physical pain lets us know that something is wrong. The message that physical pain tells us is that something isn't working the way t