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Who Wrote The Bible?

In my last post I discussed How the Bible was written. Now, let's take a look at the Bibles "About The Author" section.

For most books, it's common for an author to write their own "About the author" section. In order for us to allow the author of the Bible to introduce themselves, we need to jump into a part of the story where this happens.


In a book of the Bible titled "Exodus", the story of the Bible focuses on a man named Moses.

At this point in the story, Moses is out attending to sheep when he has an encounter with a not-burning-burning-bush. Perplexed, he goes in for a closer look and finds himself in a conversation with our author.

Quick background: At the time of this event Moses had ran away from where he'd grown up and was hiding out as a fugitive, meanwhile, his people were trapped in slavery in Egypt. Aware of the situation, our author, God, speaks to Moses at this burning bush, instructing him to go back to Egypt to set his people free from slavery.

Moses made excuses about why he shouldn't/couldn't do it. He knew the task ahead of him was HUGE.

Think about it!

This would be like you going to a powerful country, marching into the President's office and demanding, not asking, for the freedom of your people, simply because the God at the not-burning-burning-bush told you to do so.

Moses wondered how all this would play out. Leery on the task before him, he then asked God a question, essentially asking him this,"When I get to Egypt and they ask which God sent me, who should I say you are?"

In response to this question our Author introduces himself by saying,


Confused? Very few aren't.

To understand this seemingly confusing reply, we need to understand the culture of the time. In those days people weren't as sceptical about the concept of God as we are today--especially in Egypt. The Egyptians had gods for every aspect of their lives.

Moses saying "God sent me" is as specific as someone asking a Canadian, "Do you know Bob?"

God knew this. This is why He introduced Himself the way that He did. His introduction as "I AM" was unique, bold, and uncommon. It was a way of saying, "You may think there are a lot of Gods in attendance at this party, but I AM the host. I AM the capital G, O, D."

Some have even said Gods introduction answers many questions people have about God...

Who is love?

Who is forgiving?

Who is creator?

Who is the Author of this story?


It's a bold introduction to say the least, but to see if the story supports the claim, stick around for more.

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