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Was The Bible Written By Man? 👨 - Chapter 1.04

Why read the Bible? Let me tell you.

I don't care what you believe--you can/should view the Bible as one of the most remarkable books on the planet.

In previous posts I discussed why it's believed the Bible was written & inspired by God. Respectfully, I completely why people wrestle with this idea.

Although many people believe the Bible says some good stuff (love your neighbour as you love yourself.), most people believe it was simply written and composed by man. Zero God inspiration. However,

...once you know the facts around how the Bible was created, you start to see how reasonable it is to, at the very least, wonder if God didn't influence the process.

To explain/highlight why I say this, I want to share a quick story:

When I was in Grade 12 my english teacher gave our class a writing assignment. Our job was to collectively write a story, but there was a catch. We took individual turns adding to the story, but when it was our turn, we only got to read the last sentence of what was previously written. From what we read in that once sentence, we were responsible for continuing the story.

The whole class took a crack at this until we were finished and our teacher read aloud our masterpiece.

As I'm sure you can imagine, it was horrible.

It made NO sense. It didn't flow. It had no continuity, no structure, no storyline. This could be expected. You can't write a story like that! But here are some facts about what took place that day...

This "story" was written...

  • In 1 day

  • In a town of roughly 3000 ppl

  • A classroom of 24 kids

  • Who spoke the same language

  • Used the same alphabet

  • Used the same lingo & slang terminology

  • And were allowed to read SOME context to guide and direct our writing

Despite all this, we were incapable of writing a coherent story.

Considering all this, I'd like to highlight some statistics about the Bible. I'd like to reiterate the fact that YOU DO NOT NEED FAITH TO BELIEVE THESE THINGS, these are FACTS about the Bible. They are the fact that...

The 66 books that make up the Bible were written...

  • By Over 30 different authors

  • Who used 3 different languages

  • They were separated by hundreds of kilometers of distance

  • Roughly 1500 years of time separated the earliest writer from the last

  • Also, there were moments when people were writing at the same time as one another. They were unaware that others were writing, and unaware of what other people had written.

  • They wrote about the past, the future, laws, customs, traditions, and poetry.

Given these facts, the mere suggestions that the Bible contains one story that flows, builds off of what was previously written and always points in the same direction, it leans towards the idea that it's only possible with the guidance of one person throughout the entire process.

At the very least, no matter what you choose to believe, it certainly sets the Bible apart as one of the most impressive books on the planet. A book that has been composed unlike any other story we have today. At the very least, it suggests that, this might be a story worth checking out.

If you want to checkout the Bible and see if the story is any good, be sure to stay connected with me on Social Media and subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you never miss an episode!





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