• Your guide to the Bible. Q830:Genesis is book #1 in a series that taking people into the Bible like never before, so you can read the Bible like any novel you know and love. 


    Don't just get through the Bible, GET INTO IT. Discover the Bible as one seamless narrative, get lost in a story that you'll want to read at the coffee shop, on vacation, or simply for entertainment. ​


    Whether you've read it before or this is your introduction. ​If you love stories that capture you with their passion, you're going to love Q830:Genesis.


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    • "Captivating and entertaing...A MUST READ!" 

      "Leaves you hungry for more. It's hard to put the book down."

      "Ross allows you to empathize with the character throughout their stories, making thousands of years seperating us feel unimportant." 

      "Helps people understand & consider the Bible in a new way, like few others of our time."